Our Brand
Tuen Mun Factory

YKK Hong Kong Limited was established in 1966 as a subsidiary of YKK Corporation. The company produces and sells zippers under the brand name of YKK, as well as other products such as plastic parts and tape notions. Our Tuen Mun factory building not only provides the production base in Hong Kong for the company as an industrial building, but is also available for rental to private tenants as a rental building.

In order to achieve the goal of being a general manufacturer of apparel accessories, in 1992, YKK Hong Kong acquired ESBI, a company that produces and sells plastic buttons.

Shenzhen FactoryIn 1998, we fully funded the establishment of YKK Zipper Shenzhen Company Limited in order to service the emerging China markets more effectively.

We at YKK Hong Kong Limited wish to move forward with all of our customers in Hong Kong and China! To achieve this aim, we strongly believe in our slogan:

Providing the "Better Products"
At the "Right Time"
For the "Right Price "
Offering the "Better Service"